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The Beat: Dr. Nasim Afsar, Oracle Health

In this episode of The Beat recorded at ViVE 2024, we sat down with Dr. Nasim Afsar, Chief Health Officer from Oracle Health to discuss how Oracle Health are today leveraging best in class technologies to deliver clinical, operational and financial outcomes in healthcare.
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Jeremy David
Drew Goldstein
Jeremy David & Drew Goldstein · Mar 21st, 2024

AI in Hospitals Today: Deploy AI-Driven Workflows Quickly or Question the Project

Health systems that start building now against real problems are learning at a faster rate than those that are spending their time “AI Roadmapping”. For health systems to begin to take advantage of AI within their operations, we must first start anchoring AI within the health system itself. What does this mean? To support a workflow, AI must be connected with the health system data sources (i.e., real-time integrated data from the EHR, Case Management Systems, etc.), the health system logic sources (i.e., business logic that drives the process such as care guidelines), and the systems of action (i.e., users that drive operational decisions). Join us to learn how are making this a reality today, not waiting for tomorrow.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
Harjinder Sandhu
Harjinder Sandhu · Mar 21st, 2024

The Pragmatists Roadmap to Operationalizing AI

AI has taken our industry by storm, leaving many scratching their heads wondering where to take the first step forward, so let's level set. First question, how do you craft an AI strategy in light of what these models can and can’t do today. Second, how do we reason about where the technology is headed over the next few years? Third, how do we train people on a novel technology that may disrupt the very foundation of their role? And finally, what guardrails need to be in place and what testing is necessary to get this right? There is a lot of hype out there, so finding the signal through the noise is no small task. As an early adopter and innovator of this technology, Microsoft's Harjinder Sandhu has seen the evolution and has the foresight to share the nuts and bolts of AI with us. Forget speculation, where are we right now and how do we get to where we want to go? Let’s find out.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
How can we leverage connectivity to enable digital inclusion in healthcare and its role in narrowing the digital divide, promoting techequity, and enhancing health outcomes? Through a new digital inclusion program between Verizon Business & UC Davis Health, both organizations are working towards reducing health disparities in underserved populations that may not have access to technology, connectivity, and/or healthcare. They are leaning into collaboration and innovation to positively impact the health of many!
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
Sony Salzman
John Brownstein
Lane Dilg
Sony Salzman, John Brownstein, Lane Dilg & 2 more speakers · Mar 21st, 2024

Generative AI: The Provider, The Entrepreneur, The Inventor and The Practitioner

There is a major disconnect between Generative AI’s potential and public skepticism. Although warranted, fear and anxiety surrounding these technological advances seem to be a roadblock to unleashing its full power. What responsibility do technologists have to bridge this gap between the ‘what if ‘and the ‘here and now’? Further, what are some real world AI wins in the healthcare industry that we can point to as plausible examples of this technology’s capabilities? We are presenting all the different perspectives on Gen AI’s impact on healthcare in the short and long term to get real about what this all means for our industry’s future.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
Explore how, by embracing a transformation mindset, leaders can navigate healthcare’s biggest challenges and create a better future for patients everywhere. Health systems are facing major headwinds in 2024 from workforce issues, implementing a Generative AI strategy, tightening budgets, regulatory changes and continued pressure to stay on the cutting-edge while remaining patient-centric. Mayo Clinic & Mount Sinai’s top executives are sharing how they're navigating their organizations through these challenging times and what excites them the most in this new era of healthcare.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
In order to reach all Veterans in need of care, it will take the broader American healthcare system and health tech community coming together to improve accessibility and implement emerging tech. From their Interoperability Pledge involving 13 health systems willing to connect directly from open API’s to a novel policy created to cover care for all Veterans at risk for suicide to the creation of an AI Tech Sprint bringing in early stage developers to audition their products, the VA is casting a wide partnership net to ensure no Veteran is left behind. Further, they are leading the way in speeding up the government contracting process and utilizing internal resources to focus on delivering direct services over administrative tasks. And not to mention their novel work in clinical trials for psychedelic therapies! We have a lot to cover, so join Under Secretary Elnahal to get the latest on their impactful agenda.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
Leah Binder
David Goldhill
Leah Binder & David Goldhill · Mar 21st, 2024

Solve for the Patient, Not the System

Consumer satisfaction is generally ranked lower in health care than services in any other industry. That puts incumbent health leaders at a disadvantage against emerging competition from consumer-focused industries like retail, consumer tech, hospitality. Traditionally, health care providers assume consumers will come knocking for the privilege of service, but other industries work hard to entice consumers and pull them in. Health leaders are often tempted to use advances in technology like Generative AI as quick solves for workforce challenges or billing needs or cost control. Perhaps in no are do we see a greater disconnect between the promise of technology and its impact on quality and outcomes than in patient safety. Ultimately, solving for the patient is the sole path to competitiveness and successful adaptation of new tech.  Focusing on the patient builds the right culture, because it attracts health care workers whose life purpose is successful patient care.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
John Couris
Catherine Estrampes
Erin Brodwin
John Couris, Catherine Estrampes & Erin Brodwin · Mar 21st, 2024

Power of Partnerships

Healthcare is at a critical moment at time between post-pandemic challenges and exciting opportunities for technologies advancements. With this dynamic comes the need for more creativity and deeper relationships with strategic partners. How can we move from transactional interactions to transformative partnerships where the strengths of both organizations are leveraged? The answer - successful merging of your cultures where you take big leaps and risks together to demonstrate trust. In the healthcare environment now, taking risks comes with higher stakes, but by leaning into the power of your partnerships, you can transform your business. Hear from GE HealthCare and Tampa General Hospital, who are setting the gold standard.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024
Dr. Louis Ehwerhemuepha
Kristine Ashcraft
Chris Boone
Dr. Louis Ehwerhemuepha, Kristine Ashcraft & Chris Boone · Mar 21st, 2024

Breaking the Invisible Barrier Between Research and Care Delivery

Connecting drug research, clinical trials, and real clinical data will transform the healthcare landscape, forge a pathway to improved patient outcomes, more efficient provider processes, and enhanced business prospects for life sciences companies. Building an interconnected continuum will bring significant value by facilitating an evidence-based approach to care, underpinned by real-world data. Such integration enables personalized therapeutic strategies and optimizes treatment efficacy, driving improved health outcomes. For providers, this fusion offers a robust system that refines diagnostic accuracy and clinical decision-making processes. For life sciences businesses, the synergistic application of research and real clinical data accelerates drug development and market entry, promoting business growth. As healthcare systems transition towards value-based care, this tripartite connection is integral to creating a data-driven, patient-centric care model, optimizing healthcare delivery, and promoting industry advancement. Embracing this interconnected approach will be instrumental in propelling forward the field of medical science, improving patient lives and contributing to a healthier future.
# Main Stage
# ViVE 2024