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Leveraging Population Engagement to Optimize the Economics of Value-Based Programs
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Value-based care is becoming more widespread across the healthcare industry. As more healthcare insurers and providers work towards launching value-based plans, improving engagement with the relevant populations is an essential consideration to creating successful programs that have positive economic results.

Population engagement practices based on behavioral science have successfully impacted results for health insurers and providers across the US. In this webinar, we will discuss the strategies and engagement opportunities used by key health systems to optimize economic results in their value-based programs across different populations. 


  1. Hagai Heshes, Head of Product Marketing, TytoCare


  1. Dedi Gilad, CEO, Tytocare
  2. Alejandro Quiroga Chand, SVP, Chief Medical Officer, Corewell Health
  3. Tamara Ward, SVP, Insurance Business Operations, Oscar Health
Event has finished
February 01, 6:00 PM, GMT
Event has finished
February 01, 6:00 PM, GMT